Why Hire a Bankruptcy Attorney – Longview, WA

Why Hire a Bankruptcy Attorney?

Personal bankruptcy may seem like there are two options: Chapter 7 and chapter 13. However, the distinctions run much deeper. Not having an attorney to advocate for you may result in assets being left out of exemption status, filing a less beneficial chapter, or even losing your home. With a bankruptcy attorney on your side, you will be well informed and able to feel confident in your decisions.

Choose the Right Exemption Guidelines

Washington State allows an individual to choose between federal and state guidelines with regards to exemptions. This is a complicated list that needs to be well reviewed in order to select the one that best represents an individual’s best interests. At times even a combination is allowed. An attorney will know these intricate details and help a person or couple decide which options best protects them.

Personal Advocate on Your Side

When a trustee is assigned to a bankruptcy case that person is there to advocate for the lenders. Not having someone on your side makes navigating the specific legalities difficult. An attorney will be diligent at making sure all the options are weighed and every assets is accounted for—leaving nothing to chance. A couple or individual will know what is protected, what will be discharged, and fully understand a repayment plan.

End Harassment

In addition, a bankruptcy attorney will be sure you are fully informed on the ramifications of bankruptcy. The attorney will stop all harassment from creditors. In short, an attorney means having someone advocate for your personal protection.

Longview WA

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